If you cannot access the registration site, and it keeps leading you to the K12Online.us business site, this is either because you have timed out and need to refresh the URL, or it is a red flag that your browser's cache needs to be cleared. It's a browser issue. The easiest way to fix it is to close your browser. If you would like more information on Cache.


Please follow these instructions to access the registration site:


1. Close out all of your open browsers.

2. Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser. IE 11 can also be used but it has to be the updated version. IE has been known to throw errors, so it's best that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

3. Make sure you have Javascript enabled.

4. Use only one window and one tab to ensure smooth process.

5. Go to your school’s website and click on the registration link.

6. If your student is a new student attending the school, click on the tab that says something among the lines of New Student Enrollment or Application. You will be given instructions on that page on how to request a new student access key. If the student has

7. If your student is a returning student, click on the appropriate tab for Returning Students or Back-to-School Registration.

8. If you need to exit your registration, make sure you click Log Out for security purposes.