1. On the parent portal, there are menu options at the top. Please click on "New Student Enrollment" or a menu name that is similar to it. It will be different for some schools. Please note. Some menus are not applicable to your school.

  2. You will see a page like this. Be sure that the top portion of it says "New Student Enrollment." Next, click on "Need Access Key":

  3. If you do not see this button on this page, please contact your school to inquire how to obtain an access key. They may require you to bring in documents to the school first.

  4. The next page will look like this. Input YOUR STUDENT's first, middle, and last name, and YOUR contact email address. Hit Submit. You will receive an email in about 5 minutes or less with an access key.

  5. After you receive the email, please return to the "New Student Enrollment" page to input your Access Key and click "Continue" to complete the enrollment forms. Upon completion, you will receive further school-specific instructions on the completion page.